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Dedicated Devices

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Benefits and features

Dedicated Android Devices give full control over access levels, limitations and remote configuration. Must-have features for enterprises that need device, app and connectivity control.


Focus the on task at hand

Preconfigure dedicated devices for your workforce with the apps they need. Dedicated devices can help employees with field service management, courier navigation and inventory management.

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Manage less

Enabling your workforce with smart devices is about making processes more efficient. Managing the fleet of smart devices shouldn't eliminate the gains. The right set of tools make enterprise mobility management (EMM) a breeze.


Make your business smarter

Developing an app that can support your field services is one thing. But managing this device fleet can be a real challenge. For the quickest time to productivity you can trust a partner to help you solve all the challenge you'll face.

1. Pick the perfect device

From handhelds to large tablets, Olivia can offer a range of devices to choose from. With world-wide cellular connectivity, you can use it anywhere in the world.

2. Design the Operating System

Design the perfect operating system for your workforce with over 500 OS configurations to choose from. Don't be restricted to the traditional device makers' OS any more.

3. Deploy and Scale

Building is one thing, but now you need to keep it running. Easily manage connectivity and devices with remote Over-the-Air updates. No more worries when you find a bug or want to release a new feature.

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Dedicated devices with tailored software dramatically improve business processes. Your workforce is now always connected with the right apps.



Show Don't Tell

Start a Proof of Concept next week.

At Olivia we think that seeing is believing. Using a dedicated tablet in your processes will instantly prove the value it brings. We show your organisation it is ready to improve efficiency, safety, and quality with connected tablets and custom software.

What will you get?

  • Cellular 8” Tablet

  • Connectivity

  • Custom Software that fits your process

  • Full support from our experts


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