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Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connections that fit your business.

Say goodbye to the black box of network operators. Olivia delivers transparency and control with reliable networks anywhere in the world. All from a powerful technology platform.

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Cellular Connectivity that fits your business


No lock-in

Our pricing is transparent and discounts grow with you as you scale. Cancel anytime without any fees or penalties.

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Customer Focus

We love to speed things up for our customers. So a lot can be done online by yourself. But we’re always available if you need a chat!

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Move Forward

You don’t want to waste time waiting around. Order SIMs today, get started in days. Need anything custom? Don’t worry, we’re quick ;)

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One SIM,
Endless possibilities

Connect anywhere

Our SIM connects your device to 146 mobile networks in 63 countries. Always switching to the network with the strongest signal

Online in days

No contracts, choosing coverage zones or long set up processes. We ship our SIMs today, to have you connected within a week.

Never worry

A single rate for the same price no matter where your device goes. Life's too short to worry about things like that.


SIM management on autopilot

No more day-to-day monitoring

One of the reasons we kept our pricing simple. Since there are no quotas or data tariffs, there isn't much cost monitoring needed. Discounts also apply in your account automatically.

Only when you need it

The best SIM management is no management. Our platform is there when you have a change to make or you want insights on your SIMs.

All the tools without complexity

Whether you need a secure tunnel for your connected devices. Reach your device via internet. Or have your own Access Point Name. We can support all you need without complexity.


They say the first step is the hardest

That's why we made it free

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See why businesses of all sizes choose Olivia



Temperature monitoring for food delivery

Olivia helped PostNL find temperature sensors and provided connectivity. Now they know food is delivered at the right conditions.