IoT VPN Tech specs
IoT VPN Pricing

Technical Specifications

  • VPN Type: IPsec (IPv4)

  • Encryption Scheme: IKE v1

  • Encryption Algorithm: 3DES

  • Hashing Algorithm: SHA

  • Private Infrastructure


VPN for IoT Pricing

We offer a Private VPN including the required private APN on a per-month basis. The IoT VPN has a minimum term of 12 months so we don’t have to charge setup costs.

€ 249

Per Private VPN per month. Private APN included.


What is a IoT VPN?

Without an IoT VPN, a connection can only be initiated from the SIM Card itself. Different firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) prevents from connecting to the SIM. Not to be of trouble, but to secure the connection from other users trying to reach your device.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network, all the way to the SIM card. Think of it as a secure virtual tunnel from your server all the way to your IoT device. Now you can ping or set up a connection from the server-side to your IoT SIM Card. You can even reroute internet traffic via your own firewall and inspect or throttle it. This gives you full control over your IoT SIM Cards.

The IoT VPN handles all security layers for this secure connection. No need to run separate encryption- or authentication software. Only IoT SIM Cards provisioned with the VPN can connect to your application. Outside users or SIM Cards can't access the IoT VPN. Helping reduce complexity in hardware and making it more energy efficient.


IoT VPN Applications

VPN for Bike sharing

Bike Sharing

For shared mobility companies an IoT VPN is of great value. For example, when a user uses an mobile app to (un)lock a bike, it needs to send a command to the lock. Without a VPN an SMS message can trigger a connection on demand. But this is costly and slow. With the IoT VPN every scooter gets a fixed private IP address. Making it fast, secure and low cost to send commands.

VPN for POS terminals

POS terminals

Mobile Payment terminals handle sensitive information from its users. Payment processors can enforce an end-to-end encrypted connection using the IoT VPN. The secure private network separates the payment processors data from regular internet traffic.