An Olivia IoT SIM card connects your device to 147 mobile networks in 63 countries at a single rate. Perfect for connecting your IoT device to the internet.

Olivia's flexible pricing allows you to only pay for your actual usage. After paying for your initial SIM cards upfront, usage fees are due with SEPA Direct Debit at the end of the month. Need a different payment method? Get in touch. Get discounts as you add more active SIM cards to your organisation's account.

€ 2,5

IoT SIM card


  • Automatically on the best available network (coverage)

  • Pay-as-you-Go pricing and cancel anytime (Pricing)

  • Actual usage charged at the end of each calendar month

🚚 World-wide shipping for € 5 per shipment

💳 Check-out with all major payment methods

🗓 Pay for services at the end of every month with SEPA Direct Debit


How it works



Order IoT SIM Cards

Order your first SIMs

Check out your initial SIM card order with you preferred payment method.


SIM Management console

Get control account

You’ll receive your account details for the SIM control platform. After login, you’ll see you SIMs directly.


Activated IoT SIM cards

Get activated SIMs

When you receive your SIMs in the mail. You are ready to go! No need to activate anything.


IoT SIM card costs

Set up direct debit

Add your payment details for direct debit. At the end of each month we’ll charge for the actual usage of your SIMs.


Technical details

IoT SIM  card Tech Specs

Supported technology:
2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), LTE-M

SIM card formats:
Triple-cut for Mini, Micro, and Nano SIM formats

Mini: 15 x 25mm
Micro: 12 x 15mm
Nano: 8.8 x 12.3mm

Operating Characteristics:

Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 85°C
Read/Write Cycles: Min. 500,000
Data Retention: Min. 25 years at 25°C

For additional details, please see the Olivia IoT SIM Datasheet.