Fixed IP SIM card Tech Specs
Fixed IP Simcard pricing

Technical Specifications

  • Static IPv4 address

  • All ports open


Fixed IP Pricing

We offer Fixed IP addresses per SIM Card on a per-month basis. No setup cost, or minimal commitments are required.

€ 5

Per Fixed IP address per month


What is a fixed IP SIM card?

Connecting over the internet allows information to flow from A to B. To send information, the sender and the receiver need an (IP) address.

Since the beginning of the internet, the number of users exploded. Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) has a limit of 3,706,452,992 public addresses. Since everything from phones, cars and smart devices needs one, they have become scarce.

Cellular networks use Network Address Translation to serve multiple devices with one IP address. Which is a good way to save IP addresses, but prevents direct access to an IoT device.

Olivia can help you fix this problem offering a fixed IP SIM Card. Allocating a fixed IP address to your SIM Card allows you to start a data session from another IP address. Since it is fixed, you always know at what IP address to reach your device.


Fixed IP SIM Card Applications

fixed IP SIM cards for Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Keeping content fresh is key for digital signage. Managing content on the screens is no challenge. Reaching the mediaplayer without a landline is. Olivia's fixed IP SIM Card allows communication to the router or mediaplayer.

fixed IP SIM cards for Vending machines

Vending machines

Vending technology is rapidly evolving. Track stock, adjust pricing and enable secure payments. It's all a digital and remote process. Vending owners can remotely manage this with two-communications with a fixed IP SIM card.

fixed IP SIM card for CCTV

CCTV & Security cameras

A fixed IP address associated with the SIM Card provides access to the 3G/4G Router. The router can use a Port Forward to access the DVR of the Camera Network. Giving control rooms access to the footage at all times.

fixed IP SIM cards for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are complex and packed with sensors. Internet-connected safety systems are a must to keep control. Two-way communication for response to security risks is vital to control shutdowns. A fixed IP SIM card can provide access without the need for a VPN.