Cellular IoT for forward-thinking businesses


Olivia connects cellular devices to the internet. We combine solid networks and clear pricing with dedicated experts for peace of mind. A great fit for businesses that value transparency and expertise.

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Breath of fresh air

Try getting started with a mobile network operator. A long contract process, lock-in and set up will frustrate and slow you down. Wouldn’t you rather just start with flexible pricing and great support? Our thinking exactly.


Don’t believe us? Search on Google 😄

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Instant value

The Internet of Things has many parts. Figuring out a business case can be tough. Olivia delivers an instant return on investment for projects big or small.

Paying only for data used, saves time and money. It liberates you from expensive overcharges and complex cost management.


Keeping you happy and moving

Your success is our success. Our experts help with any stage of your IoT journey. Connecting you with the resources you need to make IoT work.

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They say the first step is the hardest.

So we made it easy.

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