Simple pricing on autopilot.

No contracts, No quotas, No hidden fees, cancel anytime.


Pay as you Go

A single data rate covering 63 Countries

Starts at € 1,00 per SIM +  € 0,10/Mb

Active SIMs Per SIM Data rate per Mb
1 - 50 € 1,00 / month € 0,10
51 - 250 € 0,90 / month € 0,09
251 - 500 € 0,80 / month € 0,08
501 - 1000 € 0,70 / month € 0,07
1001 - 2500 € 0,60 / month € 0,06
2500+ Magic Magic

SMS to device: Free
SMS from device: € 0,10 / message
SMS from platform to device: € 0,03 / message

Discounts as you Grow

No need to twist our arm

Get up to 40% discount

How does it work?

Based on your monthly active SIMs, Olivia rewards you with a matching discount. We apply the discount on your active SIMs and Pay-as-you-Go rates. The only thing you'll notice is a lower bill at the end of the month.


How to get started with Olivia



Order IoT SIM Cards

Order your first SIMs

Choose how many SIMs you need and check out with your preferred payment method.


SIM Management console

Get control account

Receive your account details for the SIM control platform. After login, you’ll see your SIMs.


Activated IoT SIM cards

Get activated SIMs

When receiving your SIMs in the mail. You are ready to go! No need to activate anything.


IoT SIM card costs

Set up direct debit

Add payment details for direct debit. At the end of each month we charge usage and SIM fees.



Our Pay-as-you-Go data rate covers 63 countries and 146 networks. We have +700 networks available upon request.

See coverage details



Need specific countries?
Different SIM types?
Need different payment method?
Already at scale?

Tell us your needs



Olivia knows that every organisation has unique needs. Our add-ons can help to create that perfect fit. Some of these products can be a little complex. You can learn more about them or start a chat. We'll help you overcome any challenge.




SMS to device


All inbound SMS messages to your device are free. Some Service providers will call this 'Mobile Terminated' SMS.

SMS from Platform to device

€ 0,03 per message

The SIM management platform allows you to send an SMS to your device. Making it easy to send commands to your device without having to type in the phone number and manually sending it to your device. Receiving this SMS on your device is free as all incoming SMS.

SMS from device

€ 0,10 per message

All SMS messages send by the device are charged. Some service providers will call these 'Mobile Originated' SMS.


Private APN


Use a custom private Access Point Name.

€ 99 per month*

An Access Point Name is the gateway between the mobile network and your server (internet or VPN). A private APN looks very professional for (OEM) device makers. Learn More

* Private APN has minimum term of 12 months, due to high setup costs

A secure tunnel for your connected devices.

€ 249 per month*

Create a secure tunnel between your IoT devices and your cloud services. Communicate with your private servers, without exposure to the Internet. The private APN needed for using a VPN is included. Learn More

*VPN has minimum terms of 12 months, due to high setup costs


Public Fixed IP

Access your device over the internet

€ 5 per IP, per month

We can give your device an static IP address. Making it possible to access it over the internet and initiate a session with your IoT device. Learn More

CDR Feed

Access the raw usage logs of your SIMs

€ 49 per month

Usage data is available in SIM management, but some customers benefit from getting it pushed to their own server. Get copies of your Call Detail Records pushed to your cloud provider (AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage).