Private APN specifications
Private APN pricing

Technical Specifications

  • Choose your own APN name

  • Default: Network Address Translation

  • Optionally: Public IP addresses

  • Optionally: Combine with our IoT VPN


Private APN Pricing

We offer a Private APN on a per-month basis. The Private APN has a minimum term of 12 months so we don’t have to charge setup costs.

€ 99

Per Private APN per month


What is an Private APN?

An APN is a gateway between the mobile network and another virtual world. Our own APN, Olivia, for example, connects the mobile network to the internet. The APN handles and connects the protocols of both virtual worlds. An APN issues an IP address for the SIM card.

Every SIM card has at least one APN provisioned in the mobile core. The SIM card can use any of these provisioned APN's. A SIM card provisioned with multiple APN's can access multiple virtual worlds (internet, VPN tunnel A, VPN tunnel B, etc.). This can be useful when you use an IoT SIM card in a multi-purpose use case.

The private APN gives IoT solutions the opportunity to further tweak network parameters. Define static or dynamic IP address ranges for your IoT SIM Cards. Secure connections further enforcing authentication or choose to deploy a IoT VPN.


Private APN Applications

Private APN for Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle charging stations are often remote and connected via a SIM card. The charging station handles many functions. FOr analysis the charging station logs performance data.

The other function of the charging station is for a customer to pay for the consumed power. The integrated payment terminal requires a secure VPN connection to a payment processor.  With two APN's provisioned, one SIM card is able to provide both connections. One APN to connect the SIM to the internet, used to send logs to a backend server. A second APN connects the SIM card to a VPN of a payment processor..

Private APN for Connected Cars

Connected cars

Connected cars provide all kinds of infotainment options like Spotify or Google Maps. To use these services, the SIM Card needs a connection to the open internet.

At the same time, the car manufacturer wants to get all the diagnostics logs via a private VPN to its servers. Using a dual APN setup, one SIM card can fulfil both needs, in a secure way.