Take complete control of your IoT SIMs


One place to manage everything

Manage IoT deployments of all sizes.

Olivia makes is easy for your team to manage large fleets of devices. Group, label and filter for quick access to the details of any SIM. Change the SIM status and keep track of device usage.

Bring your team onboard

Set permissions for each team member to access the right set of tools. Whether it is ordering SIM Cards or sending devices settings SMS directly to a device. Our SIM platform keeps everyone in your team on the same page.


Peace of mind

Eliminate unpredictable charges

Set automated warnings and usage limits to prevent unpredictable charges. Get notifications or trigger a webhook to take action on any misbehaving devices.

Protect against theft

Many devices are out in the field and vulnerable for SIM theft. With theft protection you make sure that stolen SIM Cards only work in your own devices.


Streamline operations

Lifecycle management

Access live networks for testing and QA before activation. Our zero-touch provisioning process helps you rapidly deploy new connected devices. Cancel subscriptions anytime if your device is end-of-life.

Modern APIs for integration

Make our connectivity part of your IoT business processes with REST-based APIs. Available for all customers at no charge to automate SIM management.


All SIM platform features



Usage overview - An overview of data & SMS usage over all devices.

SIM deployment - Overview of SIM states in your IoT deployment.

Invoice overview - Overview of latest invoices and charges.


SIM Cards

Device name - Add a custom name to every SIM. Make it easier to search, filter and label devices.

Groups - Create overview in your SIM estate by assign SIM Cards to groups. Track usage and assign limits to groups.

SIM state - Activate, pause, unpause and delete SIM Cards.


Theft protection - Lock the device to a defined IMEI and disable the SIM-use in non-authorized devices.

Audit trail - Details of the last user making changes to the SIM Card settings.

Usage details - Overview of all usage parameters of current month.



Send SMS to SIM - Direct SMPP bind assures deliverability of SMS send to SIM via our platform or API.

Receive Mobile Originated SMS - Add a phone number to receive SMS originated by the SIM Card.

Support all SMS types - Send SMS in Text, Binary (Base64 encoded) or Unicode format.



Define usage limits - Set data and SMS limits for your automation rule.

Define applicable SIM Cards - Apply rules to a specific group of SIM Cards or to all SIM Cards.

Define actions - Pause the subscription, send an email notification or trigger a webhook.


Generate API key - Every customer can generate an API key in the platform to use with the Rest-based APIs.

API Documentation - Find examples and documentation about our APIs here.



Team members - Add team members to share access to the different functionalities of the platform.

User roles - Set permissions for each team member to do their job.

Prefered contacts - Assign the team members Olivia will contact in case of financial and technical questions.



Service messages - Receive all service updates in the platform. All team members can be permitted access to the updates.

Service requests - Submit a request about the service.

Planned works notifications - All updates around scheduled maintenance are communicated on the platform and via email.



Order SIM Cards - Order SIM Cards with flat-fee worldwide delivery.

Postpaid - All SIM Cards orders are added to the monthly direct debit invoice.


Invoices & Billing

Invoice Overview - View all monthly costs in a breakdown per service.

Costs per group - Keep track of costs per project, customer or division.

Cost per SIM - View costs of every SIM in your account on an individual level.