APN Configuration

APN stands for Access Point Name. It’s the name of the (virtual) gateway between a mobile network and another network, the internet. You should think of it as a virtual door that connects two (computer) networks.

Setting up the APN

Before your SIM can set up a data connection, you need to configure the correct APN. The mobile network checks if the configured APN matches the SIM cards possible APNs. If the network can’t verify the APN it blocks all traffic. Setting the correct APN in the software of your device is essential for it to work.

Default APN settings Olivia:

APN: olivia
APN user name: (none)
APN password: (none)
IP Address: Dynamic (using DHCP)
Data Roaming: Enabled

If you have any trouble setting up the correct APN settings, please contact us at support@oliviawireless.com

Mobile Phone and Tablets

Navigate to the mobile network settings on your phone. Use the settings you can see above. LTE enabled devices often require you to specify the APN for LTE usage separately.

GPS trackers

GPS trackers usually require you to set the APN by SMS. Please consult the documentation of your tracker on how to do this.

You can find the phone number of your SIM card in the SIM details of our SIM management console.

USB dongles and cellular modems

Please look at the documentation provided with the hardware. You should be able to login to the hardware via a computer (web browser) and set the correct APN settings.

How to send an SMS to set the APN

  1. Login to the SIM management console at oliviawireless.io

  2. Navigate to “SIM Cards” and find the your SIM.

  3. Optionally: Set the SIM status to Active (some GPS trackers might have trouble in connecting to the network in ‘Test Ready’ mode).

  4. Click on the “SIM Barcode” to open the details page.

  5. In the details you can find the phone number (it starts with +88)

  6. Optionally: Send an SMS with the APN settings to the SIM using the ‘Send SMS’ button.


  7. Send an SMS with the APN settings to the phone number with your mobile phone.