Cellular IoT made easy

Speed up your time to market. Start, scale and manage your cellular-connected devices effortlessly.


Reliable network, Simple pricing

Coverage where needed

A single rate that covers 63 countries including EU countries and the USA. Our network gives access to over 700 mobile network operators

Stay connected

Our SIMs automatically switch to the best available network in each country.

Manage less

The best SIM management would be no SIM management. We make sure you manage the least possible. But control is there when you need it.

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Network of Networks

Your devices use cellular connectivity for a reason, They need to be available all the time. That’s why you don’t want to rely on a single mobile network. Traditional mobile network operators have preferences which network your devices use. We don’t. We'll automatically switch your device to the best network available. So you'll always get the coverage and service

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Easy like ordering a book

Don’t let gettings your SIMs slow you down. Now that we can order cars online, a SIM shouldn’t be so hard right? We ship your SIM card immediately after receiving your order. So you can get started in days. The moment your SIMs arrive, you’re ready to go!

🚚 Shipped the same day

🌍 € 5 flat-fee shipping worldwide


Manage less

Our SIMs are ready-to-use when they arrive. Our SIM platform is there whenever you need it. For example, if you need to delete SIMs and see your invoice. Or come up with a question for your company’s pub quiz: In which country did we use most data this year? All the rest doesn't need much management. Some of things you can do:

Complete visibility of your device activity

Access analytics and usage data about your SIMs to get the information you need.

Theft protection

Lock the SIM to a specific device. So when a device gets stolen, the crooks won’t be able to binge watch Netflix on this tablet on your costs.


Customise your access

Access your devices, anytime

Every SIM is assigned a unique IP address, allowing you to send and receive information to and from your device.

Enhanced security

Providing secure connectivity and encrypted data to your network with the IPSec suite.

Connected to your local area network

Connect your devices to your on-prem or virtual private network, allowing you to monitor and block requests from unauthorized sites and services.


Why choose Olivia?

We are your partner, not just your mobile network operator.


Flexible pricing

No contracts, hidden fees or pay for data that you don’t use. Start with great prices and get more discount as you grow.


Easy to talk to

Always here to help. The Olivia team is dedicated to keeping you happy and moving.


Launch faster

Our IoT experts will make sure you're never left in the dark with questions. So you can speed up your IoT Project.


It’s easy to get started