Wireless Temperature Sensors for

Healthcare Logistics

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Benefits and features

The LTE-M Temperature sensor automatically records temperature to the cloud. The centralised log of historical temperature data simplifies GDP compliance and analysis.

Loss prevention GDP

Prevent Loss With Real-Time Alerts

Monitor the environment during transport for pharmaceutical products. Get real-time notifications when temperature is likely to exceed GDP thresholds.

Wireless Temperature sensors

Automated compliance reporting

Automatically keep track of all compliance reports per shipment.Assign your own shipment labels to the temperature sensor using a barcode scanner. No IT integration required.


GDP Compliance for healthcare logistics

Pharmaceutical products must be transported under controlled environmental conditions. The European Commission prescribes these guidelines in the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Permanent monitoring of the conditions prevents unnecessary losses and assures high quality.

Our sensors help accomplish GDP compliance by providing certainty about the conditions under which products are transported. An independent accredited laboratory provides calibration certificates to guarantee correct measuring of the sensor.

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Removing any manual process for temperature logging saves time. While preventing deterioration and improving quality and control.



Show Don't Tell

Start a Proof of Concept next week.

At Olivia we think that seeing is believing. Using our sensors in your processes will instantly prove the value it brings. We show your organisation it is ready to improve efficiency, safety, and quality with connected sensors and software.

What will you get?

  • Wireless LTE-M Sensors

  • Connectivity

  • Custom Software that fits your process

  • Full support from our experts

Wireless LTE-M temperature Sensor

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