Learn how your bill is calculated

Connectivity charges can occur complicated. Knowing the details can help you understand and setup your IoT deployment best as possible. 

Billing period

The billing period for all SIM plans is one calendar month. Meaning all SIM plans will renew at 00:00:00 hour (CET) at the first day of the month.


All our SIM plans are prorated to benefit our customers. Let’s say you activate your SIM card on October 16th, and your SIM is on a €1/month SIM plan.

(31 days in month - 15 days unactivated) / 31 days =52%

Charges in this example: 0,52 * €1 = €0,52 


We round data usage in two ways: per session and per Call Detail Record.

  • All data sessions are rounded up to 1 kilobyte (1000 bytes).

  • Every 6 hours a Call Detail Record is generated for open data sessions. Since it closes the session, it rounds up to 1kb.

We encourage you to use this information to your advantage when setting parameters for you IoT setup. E.g. log several sensor readings and send them all at once (this will also improve its battery life!)

SMS Charges

To charge SMS, we count the number of SMS’ sent. Only charging the Mobile Originated SMS’ (sent from device) and Platform SMS’ (sent from SIM platform).

Pricing for SMS:

SMS send from device (SMS MO) €0,10/message
SMS send to device (SMS MT) Free
SMS sent to the device from the management platform €0,03/message

SIM states

There are 4 SIM states that you can assign to your SIM card. The different SIM states have implications on service- and billing state.

SIM State Service Billable Remark
Test ready All services are allowed No When you start using the SIM it will activate itself automatically. Once activated, it is not possible to go back to this state.
Active All services are allowed Yes
Paused All services are blocked Yes Temporarily pause the SIM cards functionalities
Deleted The connection is terminated No It is not possible to restore the functionalities on a terminated SIM card.

Roel van der Meer