How-to: Use Theft Protection (IMEI Lock)

Use the theft protection functionality to prevent unlawful data-usage. Once enabled, the combination of SIM card (IMSI) and device (IMEI) is registered in our database. When the SIM card tries to set up a data session from a different device, the attempt is blocked by the network.

This is how you set up theft protection for your SIM card:

1. Make sure your SIM card is on the 'Active' or 'Paused' SIM state, as it needs to be provisioned to function.

2. Enable theft protection on your SIM in the SIM management console or via API.

3. The next time your SIM card starts a data session, the combination of the SIM card (IMSI) and the device (IMEI) is saved in our database.

4. If the SIM card attempts to set up a data session with another device (different IMEI), the attempt is blocked by the network.

Please note that this functionality:

  • Can only be enabled on SIM cards on the SIM state 'Active' or 'Paused'.

  • The SIM state of your SIM card will not change once the theft protection kicks in. It will just block the attempt to set up a data session. Network sessions are allowed again when you SIM put the SIM back in the registered device or disable the lock.

  • Theft protection will not block incoming or outgoing SMS.

Roel van der Meer